The 24 Hour of Le Mans remains a car manufacturer’s validation they are the best in the world. In 1966 Ford Motor Company finished 1-2-3 in their Ford GT’s, driven by one of the most successful car manufacturer’s in the world and the fortitude of its leader, Henry Ford II.

But success did not come easily and Ford reached out to their racing partner, Carroll Shelby to conquer the European races. On a cold and drizzly day in December 1964 a banged up and filthy Ford GT sat outside Shelby American on Princeton Avenue in Venice, CA. Shelby had eight weeks to get it ready for Daytona. 

It took another year, 1966, for Ford and Shelby American to stage the dramatic 1-2-3 Ford GT 24 Hour of Le Mans finish with the Shelby American Team Ford GT’s in first and second at the checkered flag after a grueling 24 hours. This is the story of some of the Shelby American employees and team crew members who kept the Ford GT’s moving forward at such an astonishing pace.

This video, of the Ken Miles/Denny Hulme Ford GT P/1015, is a tribute to Ken Miles for all of his incredible accomplishments for Shelby American and Ford Motor Company as Ford returns to the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2016.